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"There are a multitude of investment and financing options that we can customize for a client. First, the owner(s) objectives and timing need to be fully contemplated and mapped-out."

- Dana Narlee

Dana Narlee, as a former business owner and entrepreneur, brings three decades of transaction, operations and investment experience to Briggs Capital. Dana has brokered, operated and/or invested, as a principal, in hundreds of investment banking and commercial real estate transactions over the past thirty years. Dana's analytical and marketing process ensures business owners receive the highest value or favorable growth funding for their business. This is accomplished by structuring the investment and/or funding options in a way that leverages timing and the individual business model.


Over his career, Dana has transacted well over $500 million in assets. He founded Pearson Associates, a full service business consulting and commercial real estate company that is well respected throughout the New England business community. Additionally, he has been involved in the founding and lead investment in a number of startup businesses and venture funds.


Dana has excelled at positioning firms to achieve their highest value, including achieving multiple pay-days over time for sale transactions. When a business is to be sold, Dana believes in the marketing strategy of creating a "horse race" of carefully selected competitors, rather than the "shot gun" approach. This runs parallel with Briggs Capital's philosophy that does not believe largely broadcasted auctions are the key to full market value, but rather pursuing a carefully vetted field of well financed buyers. This strategy has shown to ultimately result in a quicker sale, without unwanted exposure or business disruption.


Dana has received recognition in a variety of industries for his marketing and transaction strategy that is professional and thorough, where the client is kept up to date and consulted throughout the process.