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"At Briggs, we study political climates before encouraging investment into a particular country. Our understanding of political stability and capital needs in foreign markets leads us to identify solid investment opportunities."

- Jose Goldner

Jose Goldner brings over 15 years of E-Commerce, Telecom and international political experience to the Briggs Capital team. Born in Panama, Raised in Australia and Educated in the US (Miami University, Ohio) Jose Goldner comes from four generations of family political legacy (both in Panama and in the US). Goldner’s keen ability to understand foreign jurisdiction climates and political lobbying in Latin America has resulted in seamless multi-million dollar real estate transactions and business acquisitions in Central America. From Government concessions to private business acquisitions, Goldner's experience covers the spectrum of transactions in a foreign country.


Jose Goldner has a vast understanding of how the digital space is revolutionizing investments flowing into Latin American countries. By moving masses on the internet, Mr. Goldner has proven the power of a medium that moves the needle of a country’s GDP. Among Goldner’s achievements, he is responsible for selling the first VOIP pre-paid long distance cards on the Internet, conducting over 3,000 thousand Intellectual property protection clients on the net, incorporating over 2,000 Panamanian companies through the Internet, bringing more than 300 tourism/investors a year to Panama and channeling over 35 MM dollars of real estate investment through the internet.


Mr. Goldner is the owner of several successful businesses, including the largest investment portal in Panama , a fishing charter business, a real estate company and he is in the Senepol cattle breeding business.


Mr. Goldner's reputation for business acumen, integrity and an intimate knowledge of the internet and foreign investment has not been overlooked by those in power in the country. Mr. Goldner is regularly consulted on foreign investment and tourism by top government officials.