Global Reach

Briggs Capital’s international operations and global reach make it an excellent conduit for our client’s needs as they look to do cross border business and/or transactions. We are pleased to have multiple funding sources for our own participation in ownership alongside of our clients when appropriate

Briggs Capital Investors (BCI)

BCI is a Private Equity Fund founded by Principals who have owned and operated their own businesses in a number of sectors. Through their operational experiences that have led to multiple lucrative exit strategies for themselves and their investors, BCI Principals are ideally suited to understand the pains and rewards of business ownership.


BCI is seeking to acquire companies or majority interest in firms that have the potential for substantial growth with cash infusions and the execution of a well-planned long-term growth strategy. BCI is willing to assist existing management teams if they wish to surge ahead under the BCI umbrella or can develop a lucrative exit strategy for current ownership.


BCI is targeting companies with revenues ranging from $10-$50 million and a positive cash flow in a wide range of industries. Niche manufacturing, service, food and other consumer product companies are all areas of interest. In addition to organic growth, BCI provides capital for companies to grow through acquisitions. The BCI team will help identify optimal acquisitions of competitors or synergistic players in a company’s operating domain.


BCI is seeking to take the hard work of entrepreneurs and closely held family businesses and reward their shareholders accordingly. BCI can structure deals that, besides paying top dollar, can also work with ownership on extended benefits and long-term employment contracts for key employees as well as family members. Having sat in the seller’s seat on numerous occasions, BCI Principals are aware of structuring terms that take into effect tax ramifications and a whole host of sell-side concerns. BCI can give the seller the unique opportunity of having “two bites of the apple” by paying monies at closing as well as for years to come.