Each Deal Is A Unique Situation

Our Partners do not have a cookie cutter approach. We spend a tremendous amount of effort to understand the dynamics of the firm and what is important to ownership as they move toward a transaction. For every seller there are twenty qualified buyers. It is not whether the company will be sold but rather if the buyers can meet our sellers’ expectations.

Briggs Philosophy

Briggs has the expertise and know-how to guide our clients through the maze of complex transaction alternatives to help ensure the long-term prosperity of the business while maximizing the return for shareholders.   Our experienced team undertakes a comprehensive strategic review and analysis of each company to determine the specific factors that will influence value, and then positions the business to maximize those factors among various buyers or investors including an answer to the question: Is it the right time to sell my business? This disciplined execution of the appropriately crafted transaction process is critical to successfully closing client transactions under optimal terms.


Focus on the quality, not the quantity of our relationships


Briggs Directors are driven by the desire to create win-win outcomes in all of our dealings.  We believe that a niche-oriented firm such as ours can succeed only through building long-term relationships with satisfied corporate clients.  This means understanding our clients’ objectives, working with them to meet the demands of buyers, establishing realistic valuation and time frame parameters, and bringing capital together with the business opportunity to create wealth for the sellers.

We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients and to ensuring that a long-term perspective is maintained in all of our dealings.  We believe that finding the right financial partners and creating the right capital structure early in a company’s development will ensure that our clients’ companies are positioned for growth.We value our clients, respect their expertise and accomplishments, and believe that mutual trust and credibility are not only the foundation on which to build all our client relationships, but also the key to successfully fulfilling the objectives of each and every engagement.


Deliver exceptional service, market insight, financial advice and execution


Briggs is committed to delivering the highest quality service and providing our clients with thoughtful, results-oriented advice, paired with superior and timely execution. Our team is positioned to provide the right advice to our clients to ensure the successful fulfillment of each engagement. We view ourselves as more than “deal teams” and have an in-depth understanding of how a private equity fund works including private equity valuation and monitoring policy.  We look to add value by assisting our clients in finding appropriate members for their Boards of Directors, expanding their networks of industry contacts and introducing them to sources of capital. In addition, we work with our clients to help prepare them for the next level of growth, including the identification of acquisition opportunities, sourcing additional debt financing to fund organic growth, positioning the company for a longer-term potential sale.


Utilize our relationships to aid our clients


Briggs Capital Directors have excellent, established relationships with merchant bankers, mezzanine financiers, and entrepreneurs with whom we have successfully conducted business.  In addition, we are able to bring together an advisory group of successful entrepreneurs who have founded or built, financed, and successfully grown businesses and include a review of the important things to do in a merger and acquisition and how to plan an exit strategy for your business.  In many cases, they have realized significant liquidity through the sale of their companies. These individuals continue to have “entrepreneurial zeal” and work with us to ensure the success of our clients’ businesses.  These individuals are accessible to our clients to provide them with advice, direction and introductions to key industry players to ensure that our clients are best equipped to overcome the many challenges they face in building their businesses.

“When you're offered a check for your business - most times you should take it! You always can start a new one, especially knowing what you know now”.

- Estuardo (Stuart) Robles, Partner