A Full-Service Solution

At Briggs we consider ourselves a “one stop shop” for firms on their quest to a liquidity event. We are experienced advisors and give practical advice. We are pleased to give you a “snapshot” valuation of your business at no cost so you have an idea of what your business is worth in today’s marketplace.

Valuation Services


Briggs did a brief overview of my business and really assisted in our strategic thinking. They came across with an excellent valuation matrix that we believe is correct and allows us to do our estate planning. They also laid out five options for us to pursue in the future for our eventual exit strategy when we decide to pull the trigger.”

- Bob Hensel, Owner, Commercial Laundry Company Inc. 



Briggs’ approach to Valuation was developed as an outgrowth of the hundreds of transactions we have been involved with representing both buyers and sellers. We do not use the standard cookie cutter approach offered by most valuation firms. We are uniquely qualified to conduct Valuation services for our clients - with more than 15 years of experience representing buyers and sellers we have developed a deep understanding of industries where we have conducted transactions, owned businesses and held executive level positions.


Briggs Partners have developed a common sense approach to understanding the valuation of prospective businesses. Many firms charge between $15,000 -$30,000 for a “formal valuation”. We at Briggs understand the methodologies deployed by other advisors but we rely on giving valuations based on current market comparable instead of abstract financial formulas. We are in the market every day and understand the ebb and flow of each sector’s market dynamics. We are willing to give one and all a free snapshot of a company’s worth after a short informal analysis.