Each Deal Is A Unique Situation

Our Partners do not have a cookie cutter approach. We spend a tremendous amount of effort to understand the dynamics of the firm and what is important to ownership as they move toward a transaction. For every seller there are twenty qualified buyers. It is not whether the company will be sold but rather if the buyers can meet our sellers’ expectations.

Briggs Buyers

The emergence of Private Equity funds to buy small- to medium-sized businesses has dramatically tipped the scales in favor of sellers who no longer have to rely on the strategic buyer to get top dollar for their businesses. Briggs Capital is in the forefront of recognizing the shifting dynamics of the flood of new buyers into the marketplace and has a stable of blue chip buyers willing to construct transactions that will have repeated paydays for the seller.


For every business that looks to be sold there are literally multitudes of buyers.  Our job is to sift thru this crowded field of would be buyers and find the seller the right match both financially and intellectually.  Taking the top dollar is not always the right choice. You want the right group to work with post closing and at the very least leave your people in good hands. 

Briggs prides itself on discreet transactions that are done before the company’s employees and their industry counterparts are aware of the change in ownership. We work to maximize upfront money, guaranteed employment packages, and the opportunity for a “second bite of the apple” with an ongoing equity package from the buyer who, at some future date, will look to cash out as well.

“When you're offered a check for your business - most times you should take it! You always can start a new one, especially knowing what you know now”.

- Estuardo (Stuart) Robles, Partner