Briggs Capital has closed over sixty transactions in the last decade. Our closing ratio of 87% for our clients is outstanding as we only take on assignments that are ready to be sold.

Briggs Capital has always operated in a discreet fashion and does not trumpet our successful engagements to the investment banking community or within our client’s industry. Below however are specific sell-side engagements successfully completed. If you would like a specific reference check with any of these or other transactions, please feel free to contact us for contact information.

Sale to Private Equity Group

One of America’s largest manufacturer and distributer of United States military decorations, medals, insignias and uniform related accessories. The firm is located in Providence Rhode Island. Ira Green has over 50,000 sku’s ready for immediate manufacturing and distribution around the globe. The company sells thru AAFES, NEXCOM, NCX and CGES. Ira Green was sold to Summer Street Capital a Private Equity firm located in Buffalo New York.


With over 2700 employees, Care Advantage is the largest Home Health Care Company in Virginia. Belhealth Investment Partners a New York based Private Equity Group with multiple holdings in the healthcare sector acquired the company in January 2017. The company provides personal home care services, skilled nursing & therapy as well as facility staffing.

Kalow Technologies Inc.

Kalow Technologies Inc. is a contract manufacturer specializing in outsourced electromechanical design and manufacturing with an emphasis in the protective packaging sector. The company was an ESOP and the sales process was complicated but the sale was concluded with Red Deer Capital who has other strategic holdings in the industry. The firm was marketed to a wide range of potential buyers nationwide and garnered much interest before the sale was concluded.

Superior Baking, Superior Bread and Matthew's Distribution

Superior Baking, Superior Bread and Matthew’s Distribution, a second generation food manufacturer and distribution business, sold three operating businesses and two plants simultaneously to a private equity group. Ownership decided on a financial buyer over a strategic buyer, and twenty private equity firms in the sector were brought into play. There were four acceptable offers presented and the winning party was selected due to a desire to acquire all three operating entities as well as related manufacturing facilities in two separate locations.

RMS Specialist Inc.

RMS Specialist Inc., a custom electronics manufacturer, was sold to a private equity group with related industry experience inside their portfolio. The firm was discreetly marketed to over forty private equity firms and received three acceptable offers but selected buyer due to sector experience and integrity. New management was inserted and owners were phased out over time. Transaction was kept confidential up to the close.

Ecoast Sales Solution

Ecoast Sales Solution Ltd, an outsource sales and marketing company with 200 employees was sold to a private equity group. Ownership was seeking retirement and did not want to sell to a strategic player or competitor. Briggs conducted a wide ranging campaign, contacting over fifty financial buyers in the service arena. Five firms were selected to visit and the eventual acquirer was selected due to chemistry fit with management team as well as having a high percentage of sales compensation in cash. New ownership has inserted two C-level personnel and anticipates strong performance going forward as company moves into new verticals.

Cadec Global

Cadec Global a provider of advanced fleet management solutions was sold to BlackBern Partners, a Private Equity Group. The parent company of Cadec had decided to sell the company on short notice and Briggs Capital immediately conducted a rapid and far reaching national campaign. From beginning to close the process was sixty days. New ownership has infused working and growth capital and is executing on management's strategy. Cadec is now poised to take advantage of sweeping regulatory changes that are creating opportunity for well capitalized and positioned firms in the software logistics sector.

Schylling Toys

An international manufacturer of a multitude of children and adult toys and collectables was sold to a Private Equity Group. With sales in excess of $50M and with over one million toys on hand during peak season, Schylling is a household name for high end sophisticated toys and games. New ownership has expanded the company’s internet presence and is opening new channels to further expand product offerings.

Sale to Strategic/Competitor
Softcode Inc.

Softcode Inc. is a provider of Civil Process software that runs all aspects of a County Sheriff’s civil office and customized software needs. The company was sold to Tyler Technologies an industry leader who can further deploy Softcode Inc. suite of products throughout their nationwide platform. The sale was conducted thru a wide-ranging sales process that ensured the entrepreneurial owner’s of Softcode that they would receive maximum value for their niche business.

MacKenzie Ltd

MacKenzie LTD, a high-end seller of seafood products through catalogs, retained Briggs to sell to either a strategic player or financial buyer. Briggs undertook the campaign and contacted over thirty strategic and twenty financial buyers. The firm was eventually sold to a private equity group that specializes in the sector, so the deal should be considered a strategic sale. The firm was reacquired by the original seller in fall 2009 and has been once again been repositioned as a leading brand name in its sector.

Compendium Inc

Compendium Inc., a human capital management firm, retained Briggs to carry out national search for a strategic buyer. Briggs contacted over fifty companies and sourced a number of buyers. Due to competitive concerns, Briggs carefully screened the final buyers and negotiated the sale of the firm to a similar size company. The firm was rolled into competitor’s infrastructure and the seller received compensation based on gross margin rather than EBITDA.

Vaughn Manufacturing

Vaughn Manufacturing, a second generation manufacturer of hot water heaters, was sold to a strategic player seeking product extension from Vaughn that their existing company did not offer. Briggs was contacted after one interested party came forward to acquire the firm and other options were sought by ownership. Briggs ran a fast and thorough process and developed three interested parties but the company was eventually sold to the firm that stepped forward and contacted Vaughn directly. Briggs’ process allowed ownership the assurance that they received the best price, as well as assured performance of the buyer.

Lincoln Fabrics

Lincoln Fabrics an international textile manufacturer of bullet proof and fire retardant products located in Canada and the United States was sold to an industry competitor Monterey Inc. of Canada. Shifting industry dynamics compelled a sale that led to a competitive bid process. The acquisition will allow the buyer the ability to open new markets stateside and incorporate an excellent client base into their product offering.

Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur Sale
Saltus Press

Saltus Press, a full-service digital printing manufacturer, retained Briggs to discreetly approach individual buyers one at a time. The company was not on the market but, with the right entrepreneurial buyer to take over senior management, the second-generation owner would consider a sale. A search found an industry entrepreneur who had the ability to step into an ownership role as well as bring in new business so a transaction was concluded.

Transmate Products

Transmate Products, a manufacturer of chemical cleaning products, was sold to an entrepreneurial buyer seeking a career change from the corporate world. The sellers were two long-term partners seeking to retire and sell to a vibrant operator who would reinvigorate the business and bring it into new channels. At first a series of strategic buyers were contacted, but their plan was to roll up the operation out of state. Due to the seller’s concern for long-time loyal employees, they decided to sell to a new operator. Over ten entrepreneurs were solicited and a decision was made based on the chemistry between buyer and seller.

Traditional Living Inc

Traditional Living Inc. is a decades-old leading manufacturer of log cabins and post & beam homes with over 28,000 homes sold. The seller was seeking to retire and a new senior management team was needed to reinvigorate the company and recapitalize the firm for the upcoming selling season. The company also needed to go through a consolidation of facilities. A former entrepreneurial client of Briggs who successfully sold his business in 2006 was selected from interested parties and closed on the business late 2010. Post closing, new ownership has dramatically repositioned business for expansion.

Growth Capital
Sea Star Seafood Corp.

Sea Star Seafood Corp., a manufacturer and distributor of seafood products, retained Briggs to raise growth capital. This endeavour was successfully concluded which allowed the company to continue its growth unimpeded.

Speedway & Stadiums

Speedway & Stadiums was a NASCAR-related entity that provided instantaneous photographic prints of raceway action for distribution onsite as well as thru traditional channels. Briggs was retained to raise A and B round capital to fund operations. Briggs was also retained to build the management team, oversee operations for investors, negotiate vender contracts, and set up strategic relationships. The company was sold after two years of operation.