Global Reach

Briggs Capital’s international operations and global reach make it an excellent conduit for our client’s needs as they look to do cross border business and/or transactions. We are pleased to have multiple funding sources for our own participation in ownership alongside of our clients when appropriate

Briggs Capital Panama

Over the last six years Briggs Capital has brought to Panama a wide range of investors ranging from institutional players to individual friends of the firm seeking to buy a beachfront parcel. Briggs has played a pivotal role in investments in land banks and permitting of developments, as well as JV arrangements in the fishing industry.  Briggs Panamanian partners have become an excellent conduit for deployment of stateside equity as well as business opportunities. Partner Jose Goldner directs Briggs activities in Panama and throughout the Latin world. With transactions recorded in five countries besides Panama, Briggs has consummated deals in the technology, consumer products and import/export sectors.  Briggs has consulted on licensing of hardware, software and represented multi-nationals in their expansion plans in Latin America.



Briggs is committed to raising funds and providing services to Panama and other Latin countries. Our approach is to have well-defined strategies for each investment with a defined Return-On-Investment. We have the ability to bring value-added resources in the design and construction phases of different projects that ensure a hands-on policy in all recommended undertakings. Additionally, Briggs will invest in each project that we endorse.