A Full-Service Solution

At Briggs we consider ourselves a “one stop shop” for firms on their quest to a liquidity event. We are experienced advisors and give practical advice. We are pleased to give you a “snapshot” valuation of your business at no cost so you have an idea of what your business is worth in today’s marketplace.

Strategic Consulting


“ I hired Briggs to sell my firm and they brought me an excellent offer. But after reflection I decided to plow ahead as I saw great opportunities to grow the firm for the near future. Briggs supplied me with great strategic thinking and introduced me to top-flight Managers and sales people who joined my firm.”    

- Mark Weinegger, Owner, C.E. Communications



Briggs’ approach to business strategy is informed by our experience with mergers and acquisitions, where we have executed hundreds of transactions on behalf of both sellers and buyers. Each and every engagement begins with an in-depth analysis and understanding of our client’s business and the industry in which they operate. There are no cookie-cutter approaches at Briggs, although we have a proven methodology. Since we are building relationships and not simply executing transactions, we take the time to listen and understand, that we may better assist in our clients’ success, no matter at what stage of the businesses’ lifecycle.

Growth Strategy

Effecting immediate and sustained growth in clients’ markets which are highly fragmented and where positioning, messaging and differentiation are critical.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Designing and implementing effective sales and marketing models for accelerated growth.

Talent Acquisition and Alignment

Assessing and aligning talent with the business strategy and finding and attracting the best talent. Leveraging an extensive network of experts and practitioners including individuals who have direct operating experience.